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The Impossible Journey

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More and more people are riding their bikes to work these days. Its a great way to stay in shape while saving money. Gas prices are through the roof, and the world could use a break from all of pollution anyways. So why not ride your bike to work. No need to find parking. No need to catch a train... it can be such a rewarding experience.

As a result, we felt it might be a good idea to provide information about known and used routes as well as quick fix tips, places to stop for service and snacks/food along the way, as well as some scenic stops.

If you have any good routes or rides to add to this list, please don't hesitate to let us know - everyone will benefit from it!

Commuter Routes and Suggestions

Marblehead to Boston, Larry F.

I ride from Marblehead to BeanTown now and again, and use to commute one day a week to Boston. The quickest and most direct route is (from Salem to Boston) straight down Highland Ave., thru Lynn (is it called Western Ave in Lynn?), by GE and over the bridge to the Salt Marsh Road (Saugus) to Broadway in Revere, which becomes Broadway in Chelsea.

That is pretty much a straight shot, and you can't get any more direct than that. Continue down Broadway in Chelsea and take a right at the Courthouse on to Williams Street. (Williams Street use to be pretty rough with lots of pot holes; last year they improved Williams Street pavement & it's much more cycle friendly now). Then left on route 99. (Just before 99 there is a left you can take, that hooks around and also brings you to route 99, and saves maybe 1-2 minutes). Once on 99 I become a scofflaw briefly and ride the sidewalk (left side towards Boston; same sidewalk on the return route); during rush hour traffic, rte 99 seems too cycler unfriendly for my tastes.

From there it's either into Somerville and on to Cambridge or thru
Charlestown and into Boston. Consulting a Rubels map, available at Salem Cycle is a good idea.

I've gone the shore route too, again taking the sidewalk on the left (headed into Boston; same sidewalk on the return route) along the Lynnway and then by Revere Beach. From Revere Beach you take a right (look at Rubels map.. It might be called Revere Street) over to Broadway in Revere, and then to Broadway Chelsea, etc. as above.

I prefer the Highland Ave route to the beach route. It's an interesting and enjoyable ride. Nonetheless, a few words of caution. In Salem, especially, you have to be on the look out for storm grates oriented the wrong way for bicycles; in Lynn I've gotten several flats -- be on the look out for glass and metal scraps. If you commute lots, and don't like flats, stop at Salem Cycle and try some Armadillos or Schwalbe Maraton XRs.

Lots of good places to grab a snack along route. If you like Lain American food, there's lots of places in Chelsea. The Mexican Grill (Ithink it's Salvadorian food) even lets me take my bike in while I eat. Cinco de Mayo, a tortillarilla, looks like it has a restaurant too -- gottatry it next time I'm hungry en route. There's an Espresso coffee shop on Broadway in Revere (on the right going towards Boston) near city hall that looks interesting -- often a crowd of presumed coffee imbibers out front.

Marblehead to Harvard Square via Highland Ave is 90 minutes, even at only a moderate pace ... if I don't stop for food.

Medford to Salem, Larry F.

Catch route 60 and head towards the Salt Marsh road, then straight towards Salem. Consult Rubels to see if there is a back road to the Salt Marsh Road, that avoids route 60.


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